Should I Stop Giving to Charity if Money is Short?

Giving to charity is something that a lot of us do. It can give us a good feeling knowing that we are helping others and we may feel that however short of money we are, it should not be something that we should stop doing. It could be that we pay a subscription to a charity, that we donate to collectors or buy items form charity shops. We may also support good causes perhaps by buying a Big Issue or helping out family members financially. However, if we do not have a lot of money then we may consider whether we should give up doing some or all of these things. It can be hard and it is worth considering all of the options.

Give up other things instead

It could be possible that you will be able to give up other things instead. It is worth carefully examining your finances to see whether there are other areas that you might be able to save money. It is wise to think about your luxuries first which are the things that it is not necessary to buy and see if you can cut back anywhere. You will also need to think about whether you can pay less for the items that you do buy. If you compare prices when you are buying things, you could find that you will be able to buy similar things or even the same things from different places for less money. This could help you to save small amounts of money on a lot of things and it could add up to enough savings so that you will be able to continue with the charity donations.

This may not be enough and so you may need to give up some things that you do not need. Whether you can do that will depend on how many things you buy that you do not need and how much they cost. It will also depend on how much money you can save by comparing prices and spending less on things that you are buying.

Donate time instead of money

Some charities really appreciate volunteers and so it could be worth thinking about whether you could help like this rather than by giving money. Obviously, it will very much depend on what sort of a cause or charity you are supporting. You might find that you will have to volunteer for a different cause or charity than the one that you normally support because you cannot do it for the one that you normally support. Not everyone has the time for this but it is something that some people might be able to do.  

If you cannot volunteer in person then you might be able to help just by spreading information about the cause online, perhaps through social media. Just by bringing attention to the cause or charity you might encourage others to donate. This could help them to get more money without it being you that is donating.

Another option is to organise a fund-raising event for the charity or case. You might want to organise a sponsored event or a sale where you can raise money. This could help you to be able to still donate the money without having to pay any out for yourself. This is something that would take quite a lot of time to organise but it might be the case that you will be able to find the time to do this and it will help you to feel better about the fact that you will not be able to donate personally.

Just give up temporarily

It could be possible that you will just need to give up temporarily. It might be the case that you will only be struggling financially for a small amount of time. Once you are managing again you might be able to afford to do more to help. It could even be the case that you will be able to make up for the payments that you missed and be able to afford to give more to make up for it.

It can feel bad to stop doing it but sometimes we have to put our own finances first. It can be difficult if we need to get a loan to pay out for things and it can be expensive and so it can be wise to concentrate on paying for the things that you need first. Hopefully you will be able to sort yourself out in some way, perhaps by finding a way to earn more money or to reduce your spending in other areas so that you are able to give to charity again. It is worth being patient with yourself and remember that many of the recipients of the money would not want to think that you are struggling so that you can help them.

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